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Peter Dodd Agricultural Drainage for Hexham,Newcastle and Northumberland.

Agricultural drainage or land drainage is essential in ensuring that the soil is not saturated. This allows crops to flourish and makes sure that the land is accessible to machinery at all times, making sure that you can continue on with the work that you need to do. This is the most effective and economical way of substantially improving crop yields, making sure that you get the very best out of your land.This practise has been used for many years and involves the collection, transportation and disposal of water away from crops, alleviating the problem of water logging.

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Time and productivity are key drivers here, given the modern pressures upon this sector we provide services that include:Pipe laying
As established leading agricultural contractors this full service offering means that every element of the farmland infrastructure is considered in the design process, including building farm roads.
With our knowledge and experience, choosing us as your agricultural contractors allows meeting deadlines with minimal disruption to farming activities meaning productivity and clients' schedules are virtually uninterrupted.

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