Mole Ploughing & Trenching Services

drainage man hole
drainage piping
drainage piping

Peter Dodd Agricultural Services has the necessary equipment and extensive experience in the laying of cables, ducts and pipes.

Our no dig specialist machinery consisting of a Wheeled Case 860, Tracked Case 475 and impact moles allow a one pass solution to common installations of water pipes and fibre optic rural broadband cable laying.

Our range of machinery also allows services to be ploughed through land and offers a trench-less method of construction under roads, dry stone walls, driveways and existing structures.

This minimally invasive approach is a process that is at the forefront of our mind throughout the planning and commencement of work, so as not to inconvenience the daily comings and goings of the public.

Our mole ploughing equipment is also available for hire throughout the North of England.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs and requirements.